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Quinceañera at Mission Valley Resort 2013For young women and their families, a Quinceañera is no small matter. This momentous celebration marks a girl's transition to womanhood, commemorating her beauty and vitality with a vibrant once-in-a-lifetime party. Although each family has their own ideas for the perfect celebration, many families opt to find banquet halls or salons for Quinceaneras. After all, a larger facility will accomodate more people and allow for more activities throughout the entirety of the event.

Because of this, planning a Quinceañera can be daunting. Fortunately, there are a number of Quinceañera & Reception Facilities in San Diego, including a wide range of inexpensive Quinceanera Banquet Halls. Between the food and the dress, a Quinceañera can be rather expensive. By looking at affordable Quinceañera banquet halls San Diego, it is possible to save money without compromising the integrity of the event. The best way to accomplish this is to turn to the Mission Valley Resort.

The Mission Valley Resort is a premier facility in the heart of San Diego. Its location off the I-8 makes it easily accessible from any direction, and the facility is within walking distance from a number of other popular businesses and attractions in the area. This makes it the perfect option for a Quinceañera celebration in San Diego. Guests will not only be able to find the Mission Valley Resort, but out of town company will have many opportunities for additional recreational outings at nearby attractions such as SeaWorld, the San Diego Zoo and Old Town San Diego. The Mission Valley Resort is even less than ten minutes from the San Diego airport, making it a convenient choice for travel purposes.

Location is not the only reason to consider the Mission Valley Resort for Quinceaneras Banquet Facilities in San Diego. The facility itself is also well suited for a proper celebration. The Mission Valley Resort has 7000 square feet of meeting space, which can accomodate anywhere from 10 to 400 people. This range makes the banquet space at the Mission Valley Resort flexible since it can easily be adapted to fit parties of any size. The total space includes a ballroom, a banquet hall and several smaller breakout rooms. Guests can use as much or as little of the space as desired, allowing for complete customization for the optimal experience. There is even an outdoor space available with an idyllic gazebo.

Table Banquet StyleThe Mission Valley Resort does not simply offer size. It can also provide the perfect ambiance. The entire banquet space at the Mission Valley Resort is tastefully decorated with elegant touches and clean facilities. Clients will also be able to set up the space for any desired activity. Available equipment includes round or square tables, comfortable chairs, a dance floor, food stations and much more. The event staff at the Mission Valley Resort will take the time to talk to clients to understand their needs and hopes, ensuring that every Quinceañera will be just right for the special young woman in question.

To do this, the staff can not only arrange the space specially, but there are also high grade perks available at the facility. All the meeting spaces have high quality lighting, which can be used effectively to create just the right mood. There is also a reliable sound system on hand, which is often popular for Quinceañera celebrations in order to utilize music, feature speeches and more. Other audio visual equipment is available upon request. With all these options, clients can make their Quinceañera special by including dancing, live performances, video presentations and much more.

All this is impressive, but everyone knows the menu is one of the most important elements of any Quinceañera. Fortunately, the Mission Valley Resort has a wonderful catering staff. Clients can design a menu from a wide range of options. This includes fully served multi-course meals, buffet lines and more. Catering service can also feature specialty cakes in any size, shape, color or theme, ensuring that the cake will be the edible focal point of the celebration. The menu can be planned with a variety of themes including options for Hawaiian, Italian and classical Mexican. The menu can be a full dinner spread or a lighter lunch. From main courses to salads, from creative drinks to candy tables, the Mission Valley Resort can and will do it all.

Quinceañera San Diego

These standard services are certainly compelling, but it is the customization that makes the Mission Valley Resort truly shine. The event staff at the Mission Valley Resort is fully committed to making each Quinceañera celebration unique. This means that clients can choose any number of personalized touches. Tables can be outfitted in any color, and centerpieces can use flowers, candles, lanterns and more. There can be special serving stations set up throughout the facility, and displays can be used to honor the young woman being celebrated. The staff at the Mission Valley Resort understands how important a Quinceañera is and works tirelessly to create the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable event.

Quinceañera San Diego

With so much to offer, it may be easy to think that the Mission Valley Resort is too expensive to consider. However, the Mission Valley Resort offers affordable rates, which are very competitive with other facilities in the area. Cost will be determined by the size of the party, the number of guests, the amount of food, the day of the week and more. For a better sense of the price, clients can contact the event staff for a fully personalized consultation. There are a number of event packages to consider, some of which even feature discounted rates at the hotel for out of town guests.

Quinceañera San Diego

Overall, the Mission Valley Resort has a lot to offer. Finding affordable Quinceañera banquet halls San Diego can be a daunting task, but with the Mission Valley Resort it is easy to discover the perfect facility with the right perks all at an affordable price. A Quinceañera only happens once during a girl's life. Be sure to plan it perfectly by trusting the Mission Valley Resort.

Quinceañera San Diego

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